Open-Sauce Imaging Solutions for the Web

Our mission is simple. Make images on the web look better, and deliver them to users faster. For too long, these simple goals have been elusive on the .NET platform. We're here to fix that.


High-Quality, High-Speed Image Resizing for .NET

System.Drawing and its underlying Windows API (GDI+) have been the only practical way to resize images in .NET for too long. Other solutions have promised better quality and failed to deliver, and they've lacked the efficiency necessary for scalable, high-performance applications. MagicScaler is a game-changer for image resizing in .NET.

Which image would you rather have on your website?

GDI+ System.Drawing
MagicScaler MagicScaler

More importantly, which image do you think will engage your customers?

It's long been known that better-quality images lead to better sales. And with device displays getting bigger and better, delivering optimized images to all devices requires dynamic resizing. It's important that your dynamic resizing solution produce the best quality images possible, and GDI+ doesn't really cut it.

MagicScaler resizes your images in linear light, using high-quality resampling algorithms, and dynamically sharpens the end result.

Best of all, it's easy to use. You don't have to be an imaging expert to produce good-looking output. In fact, the sample above was created with the default settings. And despite the improved quality, it's significantly faster than GDI+.

MagicScaler is 100% managed code and ships as a single .dll. It leverages the Windows Imaging Component for codec support and color management and implements its own high-quality adaptive scaling and sharpening. You can read more about the magic behind MagicScaler on our blog


Secure, Scalable Image Resizing for ASP.NET

With MagicScaler at its core, WebRSize allows faster, higher-quality delivery of cropped, resized, color-corrected images to web users. It integrates easily with your exising web applications and offers an easy upgrade path from existing System.Drawing-based web resizing solutions.

WebRSize includes disk caching and supports remote image sources through extensible Virtual Path Providers.

It has a simple URL-based interface and allows for defaults and processing restrictions to be configured on a per-folder basis. All processing is opt-in, so the configuration is secure by default.